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 ♪♪♪ Exciting News!  
 We had four entrants from Bayside Academy that successfully passed N1, N2, N3 and N4 levels of JLPT December 2020 exams!

Sad News
As we approach Bayside Academy’s 30th anniversary, we are disappointed to announce that we cannot host our annual party.

We are currently offering online lessons and face to face lessons carried out with precautions of sufficient ventilation and disinfecting. We are also having Japanese salon where participants enjoying reading and conversing in Japanese. Please inquire for details!

1. Home page renewal  September 25th ,2010
  (Data updating  March 20th, 2021)   

  Held on April 9th,  2017 at YC&AC
  Photos     ←click here!
  Slideshow for the 25th Anniversary  ←click here!

3. Japanese Language Proficiency Test   New!
     ↑click here!

 The 1st JLPT in 2021       
  Test Date: July 4th (Sun)

 Application period: 
  March 26th (Fri.) – April 16th (Fri), 2021 (-17:00)

 The 2nd JLPT in 2021       
  Test Date: Dec.5th (Sun)

 Bayside Academy Mock exams
  June  26th (Sat.)
  Nov.  27th (Sat)
4. Bayside Academy Collection of Essays from Students 2021 
  to be Issued in July
as usual.



5. Applications for a new semester  
We are preparing for various classes of new year.

   ■Class for Japanese Language Proficiency Test
   ■Class for Kanji Kentei (The Japan Kanji Aptitude Test)
   ■Private Class for Madam
   ■Class for business person,etc.
   ■Lessons at your home, office or by Skype are available . 

Please ask us in detail directly by E-mail or telephone.

Bayside Academy

602 Clio Remington House
87-1 Yamashita-cho,  Naka-ku

Yokohama 231-0023

Tel/Fax 045-222-6006
E-mail  : baysideac@mbb.nifty.ne.jp
URL  :www.baysideac.com     

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