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 Course Content Curriculum
 Application and Tuition  
 ‚P@Private Lessons Tailor made lessons to suit your level and objectives
 ‚Q@Group Lessons For 2-5 people with the same objectives and goals
 ‚R@Business Course For those seeking to learn business language, knowledge and etiquette
 ‚S@Intensive Course Over 6 hours a week
Intensive courses throughout the year
 ‚T@Lessons at your home@@@@@

Lessons undertaken in the comfort & privacy of own home

 ‚U@Lessons at your office

Group or personal lessons, during office hours, early bird, lunch time and evening

 ‚V@Student Course@@@@@@@@@@ For elementary, middle and high school students
IB and university exam preparation
Revision, preparation and homework for Japanese classes at school
 ‚W@Exam Preparation Course Preparations for Japanese  Lnaguage Proficiency Test   Levels N1-N5
 9 On-Line Lesson  You can continue Japanse lesson anywhere ,@ after @returning home or @during @business trip by on- line@ lesson @with Skype(internet@ video@phone).@
 Private (Elementary School) Private (Adult)  Group  Business On-Line Lesson 
For detail please refer to Q&A.

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