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 Application and Tuition


@ Arrange an interview via telephone, e-mail or FAX

A During the interview, Bayside Academy will assess the most efficient course design, curriculum and schedule whilst
     incorporating  requirements, needs and goals.
B  Private lessons to accommodate your schedule

C  Group lessons commence upon member agreement with others. If the group is made by Bayside, lessons start when
       there are  sufficient group members.

D   We can arrange lessons at your office or your home upon request. 


Enrollment fee  5,000yen
Lesson Group Private
Outside Baiside
1Lesson 55 minutes 4,000 yen 6,000 yen +1,000 yen
1.5Lesson 85 minutes 6,000 yen 9,000 yen +1,000 yen
2Lesson 110 minutes 8,000 yen  12,000 yen +1,000 yen

Early bird lesson(8:00-9:00AM)   +500 yen 
Evening lesson (6:00-8:00PM)     +500 yen
Intensive Course (over 6 hours a week)       55 min 4,000 yen
Students  Private                          55 min 4,000 yen
                Group                          55 min 3,000 yen

Class for Japanese Language Proficiency Test
 Group  20 Lessons  
x  55min  60,000yen 

・Your schedule for the next 1-3 months will be agreed with your instructor at the beginning of each month. 
    Invoice will be sent out according to that schedule.
  (3 months scheduling is preferred, but monthly schedules may be arranged.)

・Tuition must be paid for in advance prior to lessons cvommencing

・Private lessons only: if attendance at the scheduled time / date cannot be met, please contact the school at least 24 hours in   advance. Only then we can reschedule your lesson.  

・Cancellation on the day will be fully charged. Non-refundable.

・Group lessons cannot be cancelled.

 ・If your company has specific regulations or procedures regarding payment, we will take this into consideration. 
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