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How do I know if there is a class that fits my level?  
Please arrange a meeting with us. You can tell us what you would like covered in your classes and we will help design appropriate course for you.

How many hours can I take per day?
For private lessons, please tell us what you need. The choice is yours.

How many lessons can I take per week?
Again, this is up to your schedule.  If you take more than 6 hours per week, we offer intensive course discounts.

Do you recommend private or group classes?
If you are busy or have specific areas to cover, we recommend private classes. If you prefer to have lessons with friends or colleagues, with your spouse or families, group lessons are possible. With people of a similar language skill level and purpose of learning are present at the same time, we can group candidates if preferred. This is popular for ladiesf group lessons.

Can I join a group lesson at any time or do I have to wait for the beginning of a semester?

As long as there is a suitable group, you can join at any time.

We would like group lessons at our office. Is this possible?
We have staff that can commute to your office. This can be during office hours but early bird, lunch time and evening lessons can also be arranged.

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