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  Characteristics of Bayside Academy      

Why Bayside Academy?

Tailor made courses for each client
As doctors prescribe treatment for each patient, we will design specific courses to fulfill your requirements and wishes.  Bayside Academy is your Japanese language doctor! 

Well organised and interesting lessons
We do not just teach from textbooks but apply the meaning of what the textbook covers. We optimize your lessons to maximize your time with us to gain as much knowledge as possible through unique and successfully established teaching styles.

Learning correct and elegant Japanese language
Not limiting ourselves to merely teaching, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, you will be able to acquire the basic etiquette that will be essential when communicating in Japanese.

For our students
We are here to assist where we can. We also hope to continue to share the many links we do with so many students in the future, that serve to demonstrate the friendships and success achieved during their time in Japan. We can offer opportunities to meet and mingle with the community and strive to ensure your stay in Japan will be a happy one.

Experienced and diverse teaching staff
Teaching students of all ages, from children and school students to ladies and businessmen. We are proud to have specialised staff that can cater for anyone with true understanding and awareness.

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