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  Our Students         
From all over the world, extending to over 50 countries 

We have had the privilege and enjoyment to teach students from diverse backgrounds and nationalities – from Asia, Europe, USA, South America, Africa and Australia

All levels of Japanese language skills

From complete beginners to those preparing for JETRO Business Japanese Proficiency Examination Level 1, through to fluent speakers aiming to perfect the language or studying for an MBA degree.

~ Ambassadors, members of the consulate and their families. We are delighted to have been chosen to teach families from the American Ministry of Internal Affairs and those from the Korean Consulate

~ Lady groups. We have spent many hours with various circles of ladies wishing to learn basic language skills to enjoy shopping and travelling while making friends and exchanging information. Often this is done over a cup of green tea or lunch at a sushi restaurant!

~ Toddlers. Most often being introduced to basic Japanese through playing, drawing and singing songs.

~ Elementary, Middle and High school students. Incorporating catch up and preparation work for Japanese classes at international schools or simply for children who want to get better at speaking Japanese. Our IB preparation class is very popular.

~ University, Graduate school and overseas students. The utilisation of time during school holidays, gap years or lessons between school schedules   

~ Researchers and doctors from the Society for the Promotion of Science

~ For those in multi-national marriages or with Japanese partners and children who want to speak to grandparents in Japanese

~ Faculties of International Schools and other instructors working in Japan. We regularly teach staff from YIS and St. Maur International schools and other teachers working for Japanese schools or language schools.

~ Businessmen, management and CEO’s. Usually with little time in their tight schedules, we have had early bird, lunch time and evening classes for those in the corporate environment. Our teachers can commute to your office for a group lesson with colleagues or for a private class in your personal office.

Students from across the World       
U.S.A. Brazil   Peru
Chile Argentina Colombia Guatemala
Mexico Canada Scotland United Kingdom
Wales Finland Norway
Sweden Denmark Germany Holland Belgium Turkey   Spain  
France Switzerland
Italy Iraq  Hungary  Jordan Saudi Arabia
Syria Israel
Cameroon   South Africa Nigeria Sri Lanka  India
Philippines Bangladesh Mongolia China South Korea    Taiwan   Vietnam 
Singapore Thailand   Indonesia  Malaysia Australia New Zealand  Russia
Croatia Belize Iran Mozambique      
Students from Various Clients  (Companies)      
 Autoliv ,   Automotive ,  Boeing , Buhler,  Costco , DHL, Ericsson,  GE,  Gillette Japan,  GM, IBM , Infineon, 

  KLA-Tencor(ICOS) ,  Land’s End,  

  Lloyd’s Register,   MOOG,  Reishauer,  Schlumberger ,  Visteon

  Sakata Seed (サカタのタネ),  JGC (日揮), Nissan Motor (日産),  JAS,  Fujitsu (富士通)  , Others
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