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‚P@Publishing the annual collection of essays from studentsuBaysidev

@@@Every year, essays are written by students in June and the staff compile a collection over the summer.
@@@These typically range from:

~ Delightful drawings and letters from toddlers

~ Entries offering perspective from elementary and high school students

~ First compositions in ro-maji

~ First compositions in hiragana from second year students

~ Introduction of kanji for third year students

      The content of the compositions are varied from general experiences in Japan, hobbies and an introduction to their
      own country  by the student. Horizontal or vertical script animated with photographs often provides a good memory of
       your time in Japan.

Bayside essay booklets
‚Q@Parties @
@@@Christmas, end of semester or farewell parties. There are always many reasons to get together and celebrate!
@@@We hold annual Speech Parties to enjoy hearing others present in Japanese and to also mingle in Japanese.

‚R@Introducing Japanese culture
@@@We hold elegant tea ceremonies, try Japanese calligraphy, introduce origami and arrange outings e.g. to see Kabuki
        or eat sushi.

‚S@Every year, we participate in the YIS and St. Maur Food Fairs.
  Calligraphy @Food@ Fair
 Tea Ceremony@ @@@ USA FSI Party
 End-of-term Party
‚TDSpeech Party@@@@Enjoy the SlideshowI
   Students write their own script in Japanese and present in Japanese. With supportive family and   friends, this event is one        enjoyable party!
‚UDEnd-of-Term Party @@
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