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 Mascot  – the owl !

When you first come to Bayside Academy, you will be welcomed by a large owl. Step in and other fellow owls will greet you! Please don’t worry, they are not alive!


An owl is a symbol of education. In Japanese kanji, it can be written as不苦労 which means no trouble and long life. It also carries reference to business prosperity. Using kanji, 福籠, this literally translates to a place where happiness stays. An owl is a universal symbol of happiness.

In September 2000, to commemorate our relocation to our Motomachi Chukagai, I purchased an owl with a cap and cape as a symbol of Bayside. Little did I know that by doing so, I was to trigger what has become an ongoing point of interest and fun shared by so many of our students.

I soon collected an endearing porcelain ornament of a group of 4 student owls and a teacher owl, depicting the teacher standing at the board while students fly paper planes, sleep and chat!

This became a catalyst for the wonderful collection of owls that we now have, all given by students as gifts from their travels, home countries and even from their homes. Every owl is cherished as each represents such thought, generosity and consideration as well as providing memories of happy times shared. While the owl as mentioned, represents so much towards Bayside Academy and of course towards learning, our forever growing collection goes that one step further and embraces our students in so many ways. The collection not only represents what has been achieved in class, but friendships too. It is also a fitting symbol of onward flight into the future.  

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